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Keep your Boise, ID home or business sanitized and squared away

You’d be surprised how a simple cleaning job can impact your living or working space. A cluttered and cramped office can appear more spacious with a bit of organization. A dirty bathroom will seem less dated with a little TLC. Bejeweled Cleaning can handle the simplest and the most difficult jobs to improve your Boise, ID home or business.

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We’ll perfect and polish your space

We’ll perfect and polish your space

Does your home or business facility need some attention? We offer the following services to keep your space clean:

General cleaning services
Vacuuming | Carpets | Hardwood Floors | Mopping | Dusting | Polishing | Ceiling fans| Picture frames| Trash disposal

Counters | Tables | Appliances | Sinks | Microwaves (inside and out) | Range tops | Refrigerators | Floors | Stainless steel polishing

Shower | Tubs | Mirrors | Sinks | Toilets | Floors | Countertops | Chrome polishing

Choose Bejeweled Cleaning to handle all your basic cleaning needs.