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We can clean any messy situation

Maybe you pay really close attention to detail. Perhaps one of your most important clients is germaphobic. In either case, your home or business may need special cleaning attention.

Bejeweled Cleaning in Boise, ID can meet your needs, cleaning everything from the scuff marks on your baseboards to the dust on your blinds. If you need services in addition to our basic and special cleaning services, we can handle the job. Choose from any of our services and we’ll provide you with individual pricing for each. We’ll even combine them to customize a cleaning service package just for you.

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3 reasons to customize your cleaning service

3 reasons to customize your cleaning service

In need of services specific to meet your needs? Customize a service package to fit your lifestyle or business operation, in order to:

  1. Impress your guests with your attention to detail
  2. Make sure every surface of your home or business receives attention
  3. Have your cleaning services meet the specific needs of your home or business

Choose Bejeweled Cleaning today to choose the exact services you need to keep your home or business clean.